SINK #1: Welcome to Glasgow World Tour

Created by ComixTribe

SINK #1: Welcome to Glasgow World Tour
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Killer clowns in a blue van, shovel-wielding vigilantes, and the last bus you'd ever want to ride... You must be in Sinkhill. SINK is a series of offbeat, stand alone crime stories, all linked by one shared location: Sinkhill. A forgotten East End district of a warped funhouse mirror vision of Glasgow, Scotland, Sinkhill is a hive of crooks, deviants and killers, and ordinary folk unfortunate enough to live among them.

Raised in Kickstarter
$11,901.00 / 476 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: June 2017


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SINK #1 - C Artist Edition Sketch Cover by Alex Cormack
Alex Cormack wants to draw a custom, one-of-a-kind SINK #1 sketch cover just for you!
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SINK #1 - D UK Exclusive Iain Laurie Cover
SINK #1C: DICKHEADS is special because this will be a UK Exclusive Cover that will only be availa... more »
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SINK #1 - C Artist Edition (Blank) 3-Pack
I know there are some incredible artists supporting this campaign, so I'm excited to see what som... more »
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SINK #1 A & B Set (Clown Face & Mr. Dig Covers by Alex Cormack)
This set Includes both stunning Alex Cormack covers for the first off-set printing of SINK #1 bef... more »
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SINK #1 Glasgow Welcome Kit
Okay, Sinkers, this one is for you. The ultimate Welcome Kit to get you acquainted with the deniz... more »
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ComixTribe Mystery Bundle ($50.00+ Comics, Graphic Novels, Art & More)
During the SINK campaign, we gave out over $1,000.00 in comics from the ComixTribe backlist in a ... more »

Digital Comics

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SINK #1 - "Full Van" Digital Deluxe [pdf]
Includes the heart-stopping SINK #1, plus more than 50 pages of bonus material, including: the fu... more »
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SINK #1 - Eargasm Audio Bundle [mp3]
Sick SINK #1 audio extras that including a FULL INSTRUMENTAL SOUNDTRACK to accompany reading SINK... more »
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SINK Digital Deluxe Subscription Add-On [PDFs & MP3s]
You're already in the van... why not stay for the full ride! Get ready for MULTIPLE DIGITAL EARGA... more »

Extra Cool

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Original SINK short story starring you written by John Lees
Become a part of SINK... Forever! John Lees will write an original short story featuring you in S... more »
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ULTIMATE BRAWL Commission by Alex Cormack, Artist of SINK
Get an ULTIMATE BRAWL Commission by Alex Cormack, Artist of SINK Want One? It's simple... ... more »


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Oxymoron Anthology Hardcover (Alex Cormack Rare Variant)
OXYMORON Vol. 1 a hardcover anthology of stories featuring a serial killer obsessed with contradi... more »
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The Standard Ultimate Collection Oversized Hardcover (Silver)
THE STANDARD is the story of two men from different eras who share the same heroic legacy. In the... more »
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The Standard Ultimate Collection Oversized Hardcover (Gold) (RARE)
RARE GOLD EDITION - ONLY 100 COPIES PRINTED! THE STANDARD is the story of two men from differe... more »
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SCAM Ultimate Collection Oversized Hardcover
SCAM is an “X-Men meets Ocean's Eleven″-style series that follows a team of super-powered grifter... more »


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SINK World Tour T-Shirt
Wear the SINK World Tour T-Shirt with pride and you just might not stick out as a tourist in Sink... more »


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Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare Vol #1
The SINK team of John and Alex previously teamed up for the critically acclaimed series OXYMORON:... more »
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And Then Emily Was Gone Vol. 1 Trade Collection
AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE Vol. 1 collects John Lees & Iain Laurie's first foray in Scottish hor... more »

Learn About Our Project:


What is SINK?

SINK is a series of offbeat, stand alone crime stories, all linked by one shared location: Sinkhill

A forgotten East End district of a warped funhouse mirror vision of Glasgow, Scotland, Sinkhill is a hive of crooks, deviants and killers, and ordinary folk unfortunate enough to live among them.  


In SINK #1, Allan, an affluent young suburbanite, misses the last bus home after a night out in Glasgow City Centre, forcing him to walk through the inner city. 

Allan's journey takes him into the East End district of Sinkhill, where he is subjected to a psychotic bus driver, deviant youths, a shovel-wielding vigilante, and the nightmare that waits in the blue van... just another Friday night in Sinkhill.

Who will love SINK?

  • Fans of horror comics like Harrow County or Nailbiter.
  • Fans of crime comics like Sin City or Fell.
  • People from Scotland, who'll recognize the distinctive Glasgow locales.
  • People NOT from Scotland, who will enjoy a universally relatable tale with the added flavor of an unfamiliar setting.
  • Fans of ComixTribe's OXYMORON: THE LOVELIEST NIGHTMARE, as this reunites the writer/artist team of John Lees and Alex Cormack.
  • Fans of ComixTribe's AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE, with writer John Lees returning for another slice of Caledonian Gothic.
  • People who are terrified of clowns!


What exactly do you get with SINK #1?

  • SINK #1 is a 32-page comic in standard American comic size, on high-quality gloss paper.
  • Backers get 2 great covers from artist Alex Cormack.
  • Includes 24 pages of story plus additional backmatter.
  • Plus loads of additional bonus content in the Full Van Digital PDF.
  • At higher levels, cool bundles of extra merchandise, including mini-prints, props and a World Tour T-shirt.
  • At highest levels, limited opportunities to get original art, from sketch covers and pinups to the chance to be drawn into the world of the series as a terrifying clown!

Here's What Creators Who Know Horror are Saying About SINK...


And Here's How Horror Fans Around the World Are Reacting to SINK... 

The Critics Are Already Buzzing...

Horror in the comic medium can often be a tricky concept to master, with the go-to staples like creepy soundtracks and jump-scares all but removed from the equation. Thankfully, we’re in good hands here with Lees, someone who appreciates the subtler nuances of the genre, such as the simplicity of that sinking feeling in the pit of your gut as a van drives past you, stops, then slowly reverses.

- Craig Nielson, Big Comic Page

This tale is not about Allan, the story's main character. The point of the story, the real “main character” is Glasgow herself. Within her borders lies a heart of darkness like unto Hell itself.

- Michael Nunneley, Big Glasgow Comic Page

Between the bus, the dickheads, and Mr. Dig, you've got more than enough terror in one comic. Then you continue on in a series of pages that is somehow a million times scarier than anything that came before it. There's a page turn here that literally made me jump when reading it. It comes out of nowhere and it's absolutely chilling.

- James Ferguson, Horror Talk

Are YOU Ready to Get in the Van with SINK?

Who Exactly is Behind This Depravity?

John Lees & Alex Cormack at NYCC 2016
John Lees & Alex Cormack at NYCC 2016

John Lees (writer)

John Lees is a comic book writer best known for his work on acclaimed horror series AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE with artist Iain Laurie , and award-winning superhero drama THE STANDARD with artist Jonathan Rector. He last worked with Alex Cormack on OXYMORON: THE LOVELIEST NIGHTMARE, co-written by Tyler James. He reunited with EMILY collaborator Iain Laurie for the horror comic, QUILTE.  Most recently, he worked with artist Nick Pitarra on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES UNIVERSE #6.

Alex Cormack (artist)

Alex Cormack is a comic book illustrator whose works include most recently HARDCORE AKAN from STX Entertainment and Bliss on Tap, along with OXYMORON: THE LOVELIEST NIGHTMARE and FIND, both from ComixTribe, FUTURE PROOF and I PLAY THE BAD GUY, both from Bliss on Tap, TWO REDHEADS AND A DEAD BLONDE, and many others. He lives in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts USA with his wife, Ashley, and their three cats: Danger, Destruction, and Disaster.

Colin Bell (letterer)

Colin Bell has built up an extensive portfolio lettering credits for various publishers, including work for Image, BOOM, and more. He is also a celebrated writer in his own right, penning the popular British all-ages comic DUNGEON FUN and working on regular back-up strips for Titan's DOCTOR WHO comic with his regular collaborator, Neil Slorance.

And What's This Kickstarter For Exactly? 

For the release of SINK, I wanted to do something different. Ahead of it launching in the direct market later this year, I decided to promote the series through a dedicated SINK mailing list.

People who "get in the van" and join the newsletter get, amid lots of bonus content, advance digital copies of each issue of SINK as they become available. 

This has proven incredibly popular with our subscribers, and yet there is still sizeable demand for print editions, which, until now, have only been available at convention stops on the World Tour.

Now, wherever you are, you too can be part of the SINK World Tour.


SINK is a passion project of mine, the big "one day" story I've long had in my head that I finally feel ready to tackle.  

It is a twisted love letter to my hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, and so is in a way a deeply personal story, one I believe I'm better equipped to tell than anyone.  

I want to do all I can to make this my biggest comic yet, and you can help me do that!

Why come to Kickstarter?  

The comic is already finished, already slated for release later in the year, the blue van is already rolling on that World Tour... But with this Kickstarter's help, we can fund an off-set print run at a larger scale to meet all our requirements: a full supply of stock for the various conventions and in-store signings the creative team have planned, and even copies of the book to send out in advance to retailers to encourage them to order big on the series when the time comes.

In addition to printing costs, this campaign will also fund the production of a range of exclusive merchandise, from a T-shirt to prints to coasters and more, as well as providing a production budget for enhanced digital content such as our original soundtrack.
The end result of this campaign will be that backers have helped us make SINK a more widely available product for print readers, and a superior package for digital readers. You will be helping us make SINK into the best possible version of this series.

Want a Juicy Taste of SINK Before You Back?


The SINK team has put together a 19-page Digital Ashcan featuring a horrifying scene from SINK #1 as well as a glimpse ahead at the future of the series.

Click here to download the free SINK Digital Ashcan [pdf].

Kickstarter Exclusive: More Than Just A Comic, Get the SINK Soundtrack!

One of the features of this campaign that makes it truly stand out is that it's a complete audio visual experience. In addition to the comic, we're thrilled to offer a complete 5-Song Soundtrack of original music to accompany your reading of SINK #1 composed by musician Jamie Fairlie, which is included in all $15+ pledges. 

The Rewards 


US & UK Friendly Shipping Rates!

One of the best things about this campaign is that fellow horror fans in the US and the UK won't have to pay for extra shipping on most pledge levels! 

Our "We Won't Be Dickheads" Money-Back Guarantee

In the world of SINK, the Dickheads are a vile street gang making up the lowest rung of the Sinkhill underworld. Meet a Dickhead on the street and you're lucky if all they do is rob you blind.

We promise not to be Dickheads and strive to over-deliver for all of our Kickstarter backers. If for some reason we fail to meet your expectations in this campaign, we'll make it right. Otherwise, you can return your reward for a full refund.

But Wait, There's More... We're Giving Away $50.00+ Worth of Comics to a Backer EVERY DAY of the SINK Campaign!


To make this campaign even more valuable for our incredible backers, we're unlocking the ComixTribe vault and mailing out valuable bonus packages of $50.00+ worth of ComixTribe comics, prints, orginal art, and more EVERY SINGLE DAY of this campaign!  

Each day we'll pick one backer at random to receive this package of awesome, and these packages will start shipping even before the campaign is over!

Back this campaign at any level and you can get picked, and the more you share the project, the greater the likelihood you'll take home one of these packages in addition to your pledge.

The sooner you back, the more opportunities you'll have to be elligible to get one of these bonus packages!

We only want to send these packages to backers who would REALLY love them, so you do need to register in order to be considered for this bonus.

The Project Timeline 

  • The Kickstarter Campaign: 4 Weeks (Jan 31 - Mar 2)  
  • Book Goes to Printer: Week of Feb 26 
  • Digital Rewards Released: Early March
  • Kickstarter Funds Released: 2 Weeks (Mar 16)  
  • Book Printing and Freight to US/UK Warehouse - 8-10 Weeks (March - May 15)  
  • Extra buffer time of unexpected delays - 2 Weeks (May 15- Jun 1)  
  • Fulfillment Center Picking, Packing and Shipping (Week of Jun 1)
  • Expected delivery to US & UK Backers - 2 Weeks (Late Jun)
  • Expected delivery for International Backers - 4 Weeks (July)
  • SINK #1 hits the Direct Market (August)

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about SINK! 

It would mean the world to me if you became a SINK Kickstarter Backer and helped us bring the world of SINK into homes, comic shops, bar rooms and back alleys around the globe. 

If you'd like to help, please select one of the awesome pledge rewards and click the green BACK THIS PROJECT Button to get in the van with the rest of us clowns.

It's gonna be a wild ride, I promise.

Your Pal,

John Lees